Bragod are the only musical performers in the world thrilling audiences by opening a Celtic medieval sound world. They perform and interpret ancient and contemporary Welsh music and poetry for international audiences – the earliest British poems from the 6th century, through medieval bardic praise poetry, to ritual and popular Welsh songs of the 18th and 19th century. Original instruments and sources are at the core of Bragod’s work, including the crwth, a six-stringed bowed lyre, celebrated in Wales for over 800 years, before it fell out of use in the late -18th century.

Experiencing Bragod is an encounter with breath-taking international contemporary artists who are celebrated for their unique immersive performances which are visceral, physical, compelling and memorable with the intensity of Fado or Flamenco. Bragod’s charismatic and electric performances uncover past musical ages. They also set contemporary poetry. Dance movement makes visible the underlying formal structures of this historical music. Bragod have given performances, recitals and lecture-recitals across the UK and internationally. They have featured on British television, Radio Tre Italia and the BBC World Service, also making live broadcasts for BBC Radio3 and most recently on S4C’s Curadur.

Robert Evans

Robert Evans’ research and experiments in medieval, bardic music and poetry have made him a world authority on the music of the crwth. He is responsible for the revival of this bowed-lyre as a viable historical instrument, which he plays in Pythagorean tuning. A renowned fiddler, instrument-maker, expert in medieval Welsh string music, his interpretations and compositions, based on medieval Welsh sources, have been performed across Europe and the Americas. Robert has mentored many of today’s generation of traditional musicians and crwth-players. He is regarded as one of our finest critical thinkers on the role of tradition in a contemporary culture.

Mary-Anne Roberts

Mary-Anne Roberts is a singer and theatre performer. She has developed a mesmeric, audacious and physical performance practice where medieval, bardic poetry, connects audiences to people and lost experiences in our history and heritage. She is equally at home performing in the recital hall or working as a contemporary artist in major European night clubs and at world music festivals.

Bragod have 3 CD collections of their music which can be bought here.