Experience the world’s most amazing Celtic bardic music performers…

A national treasure-chest unlocked

Verity Sharpe, BBC Music Magazine

Bragod are the only musical performers in the world thrilling audiences by revealing a Celtic medieval sound world. They perform and interpret ancient and contemporary Welsh music and poetry for international audiences – the earliest British poems from the 6th century, through medieval bardic praise poetry, to ritual and popular Welsh songs of the 18th and 19th century. Original instruments and sources are at the core of Bragod’s work…

Together they produce Early Welsh song from the ninth century – quite stunning!

Robert McMillen, The Irish News

Bragod’s interpretation of an ancient poem is featured at techno festivals across Europe.

The results sound extraordinary, modern, bonkers – like Yoko Ono if she could sing like Roberts in a wonderfully resonant voice in ancient Welsh and was having an excellent day.

Elizabeth Kinder, fROOTS Magazine

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Bragod’s music for Gentle/Radical’s Turner Prize nominated artwork

I was basically in tears. You have someone who can just sing—she opened her mouth and it’s pure emotion—that’s the point of it all really.

Roly Porter, Metal Magazine

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